Our vision

Every time we look up at the sky, whether it is a day with blue sky and white clouds, or a night full of stars, whether we are in a sunny day or in a hazy yellow sand, based on the different parts of the planet we are in, there is one sky in the sky.   Everything we see and feel is based on the same body structure breathing the same air.  From childhood to old age, the description basis of this scene is almost the same, but what changes is each of our different life stories.

As a material human being, born on this planet and walking in this social environment of ten thousand years of civilization, is it possible that our rather short existence will leave a relatively splendid influence, or will we complete the special mission in the stage of species collapse?  Or start a new era between our home planet and the universe?

Because of the common vision, we came together and became a team after different encounters.  There is an old saying about karma, but now it is possible to use absolute big data to calculate the possibility of team gathering.  We come from different countries and cultures, we have financial experts, economists, state relations diplomats, senior engineers, doctors, philosophers and artists among us, but we all share the same vision and values.
 Therefore, our full attention is focused on several major directions:

1. As the height that the human species can reach, there is awe and curiosity about the existence of the universe.  We want to invest in all science and technology that can directly and indirectly get closer to outer space and the universe.  Humans are here, be an observer than being a conqueror.

2. In order to explore the possibility of various external and cosmic existences, we must also ensure the existence of our own physical body and the preservation of consciousness civilization.  On a physical level, we invest in medical technology, life sciences and genetic engineering.  From the perspective of consciousness civilization, we invest in communication technology - consciousness communication and civilization exchange, metaverse and games - the quality and satisfaction of consciousness and the development of civilization, cloud technology - the preservation of consciousness and civilization.

3. With the rapid development of science and technology, we need to take on more social responsibilities and take into account the various balances of our home planet.  With empathy and compassion, we invest in R&D and popularization of technologies that directly and indirectly improve the quality of human life.

The growth of all things has a certain number. In today's accelerated development of scientific and technological civilization, how much time is left for our species?  In our limited light years, we are learning to explore, and we are moving fast.