Technology and entrepreneurship deeply rooted in our history

Awe, curiosity and improvement of human life quality

Every time we look up at the sky, whether it is a day with blue sky and white clouds, or a night full of stars, whether we are in a sunny day or in a hazy yellow sand, based on the different parts of the planet we are in, there is one sky in the sky.   Everything we see and feel is based on the same body structure breathing the same air.  From childhood to old age, the description basis of this scene is almost the same, but what changes is each of our different life stories.

We believe that

  • We are not here to conquer but to observe the universe, understand it and respect it
  • We have to strive for the preservation of self-aware civilizations
  • Science and technology shall be dedicated to improve quality of human life and reaching global prosperity

Entrepreneurship, expertise, growth

Entrepreneurship tradition

Caravelle Investment dates back to 1998, originating in the telecommunications sector. We know the stakes behind the creation of a company, company growth and the role of technology.  

Private equity expertise

Over the years we have built a robust $100m+ multi-sector portfolio with some of the most iconic or promising companies of the past years.

Growth driver

We have exclusive expertise and networks in Asia, Middle-East and Africa to support the expansion of our partners or access unique investment opportunities.

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