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Lung cancer is one of the deadliest cancers, one of the main reasons being the late-stage detection of the disease due to the low accuracy of traditional bronchoscopy methods.

After a suspicious finding by a CT scan, physicians’ accuracy in finding the lesion range from 40-60%with traditional bronchoscopy. In the latest studies of BodyVision, using BodyVision solutions the yield improves up to 85%. By means of Artificial Intelligence (AI), BodyVision’s LungVision™ system supports the entire navigation bronchoscopy procedural workflow: Plan target and pathway, real-time navigation to planned target, true tool-in-lesion confirmation, and accurate tool guidance during biopsy for optimal sampling.

Throughout 2021 BodyVision has increased its coverage through clinical evidence. Dr. Kyle Hogarth, Professor of Medicine and Director of Bronchoscopy at the University of Chicago Medical Center, has performed over 30 procedures with Auris Monarch bronchoscopy robot (J&J) alongside LungVision real time navigation with a 100% yield. Dr. Cecenia from Cleveland Clinic, showed 84% diagnostic rate of success at the Society of Advanced Bronchoscopy webinar. The company has also updated its commercial strategy given the new competitive landscape in the Pulmonology CAPEX space.

Bodyvision products are the AI-powered lung vision system with its tablet for full wireless control and the procedural kit to use Body Vision as a complete standalone navigation and real-time imaging system.

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