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Eat Just

Eat Just offers a plant-based egg substitute intended to provide healthy and nutritional food alternatives.

With over 50 patents and applications, tt applies cutting-edge science and proprietary technology platform to create healthier, more sustainable foods. The key ingredient is protein from the mung bean and it is cholesterol-free, antibiotic-free, non-GMO, and packed with as much protein as many animal proteins. It cooks with similar flavor, texture and color as chicken eggs. It enables customers to prepare their food items with the required nutrients and protein of an egg.  

Its ingredients and production process uses 80%+ less water, land, and carbon than conventional eggs, contributing to significantly improve planet health. 

In terms of sales, eggs is the fastest growing category of plant-based food product in 2020, and Eat Just owned 99,2% of the category. It's offers encompasses multiple product category: egg aisle next to chicken eggs, food service with for example omelette served in restaurants, universities cafes, hospitals, frozen breakfast, and industrial ingredient in the food industry for production of pancakes for example. 

In 2020, Eat Just products (JUST Egg) where present in 17,356 retail points of distribution and used by 500 food service point of distribution in the US. It received by Walmart more distribution gains than any other egg supplier.  

Eat Just adopted lessons from the Coca-cola model to develop an asset light, highly scaleable and profitable business model following also a societal shift in consumption. Regarding costs, it is on the path to become the lowest cost egg globally. 

Its technology is now also used to develop chicken meat and beef meat, with advanced regulatory reviews in several countries. In 2020, Singapore was the first place in the world to allow plant-based chicken meat from Eat Just to be served in restaurants.

It was founded by Josh Balk and Josh Tetrick in San Francisco, California in 2011.

San Francisco, CA, United States
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