EVA drone infrastructures are a combination of stations, software, and a digital Marketplace of users buying goods, applications, and services while using these drone infrastructures that will revolutionize the way we move and transport goods and people in the future.

EVA is positioned to control the most profitable links of chains of businesses:
• Transformed by drones: e-commerce, post, and logistics replacing vans by drones with payload up to 250 kg (soon 1’000kg), deliveries of medicines/food/valuables, supplying offshore stations, traffic and rapid accident management…
• Created by drones: peer-to-peer deliveries, 5G connectivity to remote or disaster-stricken areas, a new retail channel deploying drone infrastructure anywhere anytime consumers naturally gather, accident rescue and traffic management, surveillance of pipelines, repairs with robot-drones of power lines…
• Mobility by dornes: taxi-drones in the future

EVA technical and commercial partners include Mitsubishi Electric, Halliburton, and BMW. Its drone network infrastructure and exploitation systems include:
• A full line of totally automated M2 to M8 drone landing, battery and payload charging, and taking-off stations of increasing sizes and an M1 mass consumer station with tailored offers to various market segments (see pictures below)
• A proprietary operating system (OS) for fully automated, remotely controlled operation in real-time of fleets of drones (see picture below), which can use any drone from any manufacturer.
• Precision drone landing software
• Quantum coded software for multiple communications with minimal latencies within drone swarms, with satellites and soil beacons…
• Software for orderly navigation of swarms of drones in regulated corridors, avoiding collisions, detecting rogue drones, piloting drones in smoke with LIDAR
• Software to immediately deploy local WiFi, in particular where Starlink does not function well because of improper connection angles or obstacles
• Software to mesh colonies of drones with satellites and soil beacons to deploy 5G with its numerous advantages like operating robot-drones to repair power lines...

Olivier Le Lann, Founder and CEO of EVA, had the idea to create EVA and built the transportation infrastructres of the future after he was facing many traffic jams in South KOrea when he launched Tesla vehicles. Olivier igraduated from MBA London Business School and Hitotsubashi University. He is a former TESLA created and built affiliates of large corporations in over 20 countries.

EVA head of R&D, Olivier Journet, graduated from École Polytechnique and Sup Aéro (engineering) and Stanford MBA. He held executive positions at EADS and other companies and has been mandated by venture capital funds to support their startups.

Berlin, Germany
Aerospace / Logistics / Transportation