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Founded in 2002, with a global presence stretching from the USA to East Asia, RTE has successfully been delivering the “vision of tomorrow”. RTE's group of companies hold an industry advantage in their ability to take every project from concept to execution; all housed under one roof.

RTE developed a unique ecosystem of complementary companies covering entertainment, brand and Intellectual Property licensing, content development, consumer products, gaming, and Esports. RTE has a 20-year history of dealing with partners in multiple sectors of the gaming industry, evidenced by their highly experienced core team. For each company of the ecosystem, RTE has a controlling or sgnificant ownership. 

RTE Business Lines
+ IP Sublicensing
+ Distribution Rights
+ Esports and Content Platform
+ Complementary Companies in Gaming/eSports

Ecosystem highlights

IP and Distribution rights: RTE acquires the rights to popular entertainment IPs, earning royalties by sublicensing those IPs. RTE has already acquired IP rights for LoL! Surprise Dolls, Rainbow High Dolls, and popular comic book series Umbrella Academy. RTE holds also regional distribution rights for world renowned brands such has Hello Kitty. 

Game development and publishing: Firefly games was founded in 2015 and is a Los Angeles based mobile game publisher and developer for global iOS and Android market. The team has a history of launching highly successful titles, including global Hollywood film IP based mobile games. Rogue Games has over 150 years in combined expertise in mobile, console, and PC games, strong connections across the industry, and a deep portfolio and proprietary network, Rogue enhances games and keeps them relevant, with updates and events designed to retain players. Through its companies, RTE is also now providing approx. 25% of the video games available on Netflix.  

Gaming/hardware: Sub2R developed a 4k professional broadcast quality live streaming video camera progamer, Esports, high-end game streamer, content creator and indie studio at a price well below market standards. 

Esports: Galaxy Racer is the fastest growing esports/media organization in the world on the way to become the largest transmedia powerhouse for a digital-native audience

Streaming: Recast Media proposes a video platform with innovative pay per view revenue model with live streams, sports, highlights, music...

Gaming complementary: BBOX sports developed an augmented reality collectible toy for soccer sports fan based on partnerships with major soccer teams, ligues and players around the world.  OKLETSPLAY proposes a real money gaming competition platfomr. 

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