Vise’s AI-driven portfolio management platform is designed for independent financial advisors focused on HNW individuals. Vise’s proprietary algorithms execute transactions on behalf of financial advisors’ clients, based on their unique circumstances. The service includes personalised advice and periodic automated investment monitoring, portfolio analysis, portfolio rebalancing, and tax-loss harvesting
strategies. Personalisation factors include ESG focus, goal timelines, and other securities held for exposure purposes. Vise offers investment advice on the following investment categories: equities, emerging
markets, fixed income, and real estate.

Traditional portfolio advice revolved around entering HNW individuals in to a standard set of investments and minimising tax impacts, while planning for the long-term events. Whereas individual advisors cannot build and manage unique portfolios at scale, Vise allows them to leverage proprietary algorithms to allocate investments on a client by client basis, while still allowing RIAs insight in to the decisions being made for their investors.

Vise’s value proposition allowings RIAs to create customised portfolios for their clients at scale, and more importantly, to explain why certain decisions were made, satisfying millennials. Further, Vise’ tax efficiency helps customers with ~1% in savings. Therefore, the platform pays for itself as VISE is charging only 0.5%.

Vise is the only automated portfolio advisor targeting RIAs and providing insights, contrary to B2C “robo-advisors” which are targeting lower net worth consumers with limited portfolio transparency. Vise is poised for rapid growth and just beginning the customer acquisition process. The company has realised ~50% monthly growth in AUM during 2020. Since raising its Series B, AUM ballooned by 4x.

New York, NY, United States
Artificial Intelligence / Financial services