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Xingular is a semiconductor company specializing in the development of various radio communications, Internet of Things, and smart network applications. It was jointly established by Silicon Valley analog integrated circuit experts and Taiwan’s communications chip design elites. Its products focus on RF chips and have a complete industrial chain from design to manufacturing;

The company has a number of world-leading technologies in the field of wireless communications, and has successfully obtained 4 patented inventions. 

The company successfully developed a unique global coverage frequency from 0~6GHz dynamic frequency modulation "soft radio frequency" technology, and finally realized the commercial production of related products

Company products highlights: 

- It successfully developed China's first self-made low-orbit satellite communication operating platform, as an open operating system that allows developers to use multiple programming languages to develop applications

- Design and manufacturing of chips XQC-RF-2011 that can be used for satellite Internet of Things (narrowband)

- Design and manufacturing of CMOS RF chip XQC-RF-1011,used in the TV white-spectrum band. It has the characteristic of high-linearity, high-interference immunity

- Design and manufacturing of Super Wifi solutions, which allows the signal to transfer in lower frequency (470~800 MHz) compared with traditional Wi-Fi frequency (2.5GHz or 5GHz), with characteristics of further travelling, higher penetrating and stronger signalling

Nanjing, China
Semiconductor / Telecommunications / IoT