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Luminous Computing

Luminous Computing has been founded to realize the technologies Silicon Valley promised us ten and twenty and thirty years ago. It regroups the most powerful team of engineers of Silicon Valley  and is backed by the biggest visionaries to built the next generation of AI chips, a "GPU" killer that would represent a supercomputer in a single chip.

Luminous Computing is not just an AI company, it is a computing company. Its technology is based on photonic computing: the use of light to transfer information within a chip instead of electricity as currently used in all the chips on the market. The use of light allows a massive improvement in terms of speed and quantity of data to be transferred. The key specs for any AI chip are energy, throughput, and latency. Most startups promise 10x on one of them. Luminous promises 1000x on all three. 

The company believes that photonics should not be only used for AI chip but for any kind of chip and would allow to completely reinvent data centres. 

Luminous technical team already solved every open problem in the photonic compute industry. Research half of R&D is complete and first products are being tested. 

The company has been funded by Marcus Vincent Gomez (CEO), Michael Gao (CSO) and Mitchell Nahmias (Phd, CTO). Marcus is a former researcher at Google, Tinder, Stanford, Harvard Med School, and the Mayo Clinic. Michael won the USA Math Olympiad and became millionaire at the age of 16 and raised $5.5M Series A for his previous startup, acquired by Google. Mitchell has a PhD from Princeton, is a co-founder of field of neuromorphic photonics, holds 
60 publications with over 1200 citations and coauthored the standard textbook on Neuromorphic Photonics.

The company is backed by Bill Gates, Luke Nosek, Travis Kalanick and Steve Oskoui. 


Palo Alto, Ca, United States
Artificial Intelligence / Hardware / Software