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Un:hurd mission is to empower independent music artists by giving them access to major label marketing powers, offering them the most effective and transparent ways to promote new music. 

Un:hurd offers a music marketing app which combines big data analysis with smart marketing recommendations; with its in-app tools, artists are able to analyse their performance accross multiple-platforms, execute data-driven promotional campaigns, and pitch to high-impact playlists to reach new fans.

Un:hurd worked with over 25,000 artists across the globe. From artists releasing their first track through to established artists who have had international success.

The company was founded by Alex Brees, former senior data analyst at Universal Music.

The funding round in 2023 was led by Kobalt Music’s founder and Chairman, Willard Ahdritz. Joining Ahdritz in the investment round is Hazel Savage – the music tech entrepreneur who last year sold her AI-powered Musiio platform to SoundCloud. Hazel Savage also joined recently the board of Directors. Additional investors in the 2023 round include Best Nights VC (Jagermeister’s VC arm) and Johan Ahlstrom, amongst others.

London, United Kingdom
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